I’m watch-The New Android Smartwatch

imwatch-slider-clockIts not just a watch its a smartwatch, with this watch on your wrist you can leave your phone on the desk, in your purse or in your pocket.

Made in Italy this watch is a perfect combination of the most ground breaking Italian technology,high quality materials and an with an imwatch-made-in-italyunmistakeble style you can’t go wrong with this beast of a watch.

The i’m Smartwatch comes in different colours and designs to suit your taste, so whether you are a professional worker or a college student you are sure to find one that matches your unique taste.

Calls,texts,emails all on your wrist!

I’m Watch communicates with your smart phone showing you

all the messages you receive,when you have a call you can see who is calling no matter where you left your phone, thanks to its clear display.


Looking for apps? visit the i’market and take your pick from the host of apps available on the store

imwatch-slider-application-listsmartwatch_music_playerPlay your favourite music on the go, you can plug in your headphones thanks to 3.5mm jack on the watch and enjoy your favourite song.

Even better is the i’music app that allows you to find,download and listen to music:o

choosing from over 6million songs…surely there is no limiting this beast!

imwatch-color-yellow imusic-girl-smart-watch smartwatch_back_view

Pick your style!

The smartwatch has a style for every personality, as a matter of fact its like you!, I’m watch colour in aluminium is young and dynamic, I’m watch tech in titanium is durable and stylish, and I’m watch jewel in silver or gold is elegant and exclusive..so no excuses my friend take your pick!

I'm watch colour collection

I'm watch jewel collection
I’m watch jewel collection

I'm watch Tech collection

I’m watch Tech collection

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