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Miss Bey strikes again! this time she dropped a mouth watering 45 million US dollars on a malibu mansion.
The new home was formerly owned by Cher( Goddess of pop) and consists of 7 bedrooms, 9 baths, a theatre, a tennis court, a pool, and a guest house.



The house spans 13,126 square feet and is built in the Italian Renaissance style.
With Bey’s busy schedule I can’t help but wonder if she’ll ever get a chance to sleep there!!

Raw Foods help you lose Weight


Are you looking to lose weight? Have u been working out and nothing just seems to drop instead each time you look in the mirror you see an elephant staring back at you……..well my friend maybe there is something your missing out on,.. probably a little piece of info..
     I made up little steps on how to lose weight by eating raw foods and I thought it share worthy.. so read on friend who knows this might be the midas touch.
These steps are simple and effective, add raw and high fibre foods into your diet, the result is that you feel fuller faster , get much needed vitamins and minerals and hopefully, get filled up before you begin adding a mail list of junks and unhealthy high calorie foods:)
Always eat something raw at every meal



Add a vegetable or raw fruit to every single meal , this is called the addition rule..

Raw fruits help push food through your digestive tract.
It provides the body with much needed vitamins and minerals.
The fiber in the raw food helps expand your stomach and fill you up faster so you don’t eat much.

Raw foods possess digestive enzymes that help breakdown the rest of the food you are eating.
Eat the fibre before anything else.
Clear a path and prepare your digestive tract for the rest of your meal.
Raw fruits and vegetables create a path for the rest of the food and cleanse your colon e.g if your eating an ice cream add a banana and eat it first.
Always eat the good food first so that you won’t be able to eat much bad food later in the meal.

Remember that food generates energy for the body.



Logically if food = Energy , then we need the most when we get up to start the day.
Proportion your meals based on your energy requirements.
Breakfast should be the biggest…..,Lunch a bit smaller and Dinner should be the smallest.
Understand that since you are winding down your body is burning less calories.
If you eat a huge dinner these calories won’t be burned and will contribute to weight gain. Don’t forget to exercise

Drinking beverages, juices and wines heavy in calories also contribute to you overall calorie intake.
Don’t think that because you eat a light meal that the beverage calories don’t count.


Run away from that soda man!!


Breakdown of calorie content per drink.

Remember ultra sweet products increase your appetite and in the long run your overall weight gain so eat wisely my friend don’t make your stomach a refuse bin.
Hope I helped 🙂
Remember your comments are much appreciated, Thanks.

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World Ugliest Woman receives Burial After 153 years

She was called “bear woman,” “the bearded and hairy lady” and once described as the hybrid of a human and an orangutan. Throughout her life, her husband exhibited her as a freak of nature on a worldwide tour.

She passed away in 1860 but was never given a proper burial — instead, she was mummified so she could continue being displayed as a circus object. But on Tuesday, more than 150 years after her death, she was finally buried. Now she rests with the dignity that life had rarely afforded her.

This is the story of Julia Pastrana, known as the world’s ugliest woman. Born in Mexico in 1834, Pastrana suffered from two rare diseases that were undiagnosed in her time: generalized hypertrichosis lanuginose, which gave her copious facial hair and gingival hyperplasia, which thickened her jaw, Reuters reported.

(MOREBigfoot Is Part Human, and Here Are the DNA Tests to Prove It, Claims Researcher)

In the mid-1850s, she was sold to Theodore Lent, a U.S. impresario who later married her to keep control of her and the money she was bringing in, according to the New York Times. She reportedly fell madly in love with Lent, who taught her to sing and dance in order to parade her in freak shows across the United States and Europe.

Pastrana died in 1860 after giving birth to Lent’s son, who inherited his mother’s condition. The boy died five days later, but Lent was relentless in his pursuit of circus fame. He mummified the bodies of both mother and son, and the show carried on.

In the ensuing decades, the bodies changed many hands. The son’s remains were damaged beyond repair, but the mother’s body ended up in a storage room at the University of Oslo in Norway, according to the New York Times.

Today, more than 150 years after her death, her remains were finally brought back to her hometown after the New York-based visual artist Laura Anderson Barbata spent almost a decade lobbying for her return. The New York Times reported that Mario Lopez, the current governor of Sinaloa state, the birthplace of Pastrana, later joiner her cause and made a crucial contribution to Pastrana’s repatriation.

After a Roman Catholic mass at a local church, Pastrana was buried in the town cemetery in a white coffin garlanded with white rose while traditional music played. “Imagine the aggression and cruelty of humankind she had to face, and how she overcame it,” Lopez told Reuters. “It’s a very dignified story.”

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