5 Hotspots To Visit in Nigeria

So your looking for a place to visit? Your sitting on your rocking chair wondering if there’s any place worth visiting in Nigeria,…..
well I have been researching and I have made a simple 5 number list for you:
1:Visit the Warm Springs of Wikki: Located in the Yankari game reserve in the Southern part of Bauchi state,Nigeria. The wikki springs is a place to be, whoops did I just say wikki springs???, I mean the Warm Wikki Springs!!,
Whether you want to blow of some steam or you want to take a warm bath, this is a place to be……
Visit this place and take a nice warm bath in this natural jacuzzi and you would be glad you did.

Baboon relaxing at Wikki

2:Bird watching at Gashaka-gumti National Park: Umm you love birds,you always wanted a parrot when you were a kid, but dad just wouldn’t buy you one, friend why don’t you visit Gashaka in the northeastern part of Nigeria and be dazzled by a vast number of beautiful birds, enjoy the cool breeze and watch wonderful birds chirping away.
Alert! Visitors won’t find roads here, but only a small amount of footpaths winding through the wooded mountains, view flourishing forests,luxurious grasslands, rich wildlife and…………..visit and see for your self.
For your information this is the biggest park in Nigeria enveloping 6,000sq km of pure wilderness, the park gets its name from Gashaka village in Taraba state and Gumti village in Adamawa state, these two are the most ancient areas in the region.
Remember there are over 500 species here, surprised!!!, board a bus.
3:Go see the Big Cats at Kainji National Park: This park comprises the Borgu game reserve and Zugurma game reserve was founded in 1979 in Niger state.
Visit here and you will get to see Lake Kainji which is 136km long..a man made lake ofcourse and Nigeria’s main source of electricity, touring is made available after permissions are taken from PHCN,that’s by the way.
This place boasts of the big cats which include, Lions,Leopards,Cheetahs you name it, Haven’t seen a crocodile before? Why not pack your bags and take a trip….
And for those who love fishing you are also allowed to fish on the lake….who knows you could catch a rainbow trout :D.
There are 49 chalets available so you can spend days exploring and exploring.

4:Visit Nigeria’s Rainforest in Cross River National Park and see White faced monkeys: Don’t want to visit the north? Well well there are some attractions here in the south,….Let’s go to Crossriver national park, the only Nigerian tropical rainforest park.
The park is run in 2 sections the Oban division in the south and the Okangwo division in the north, the park intends to protect and preserve Nigeria’s fauna and flora, they endorse eco-tourism here in Nigeria.
The main attraction here is the indigenous white faced monkeys, experience the Obudu cattle ranch in all its glory and see the Mbe Gorilla, discover rare species of animals…..
Do you know what a Manatee is?
Visit here to find out…just an hour drive from Calabar.

Whitefaced Monkeys

5:The almighty Zuma Rock!! Seen it before??:¬† Ok so you came to Nigeria, stayed 5 days and left, on your way back to base now and you didn’t visit Zuma rock :o, here is a tip
1: Stop the plane
2: Turn back
For you that lives in Nigeria and have’t seen this great sight, my friend make out time and go see this place.
It is the gateway to Abuja the centre of Nigeria. When viewed from the south it looks like a human face could have been chiselled out the rock, Oh my! The sight is a true natural beauty, locals believed it was the home of power spirits and that anyone that ventures near the rock would never return.
This myth was tested by some daring tourists from Russia and found not to be true , since then Nigeria has invited tourists to come and experience nature at its best!!
These are just a few friend I would update this post in due time with pictures, so friend make out time and go see any of these places and you would be glad you did.

Zuma Rock

Please don’t forget to drop a comment, tell me what you think…..

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