Fast and Furious Actor ” Paul Walker” dies in autocrash


The actor who gained fame from the famous franchise ” Fast and Furious lost his life just few minutes after driving off with a friend in a red Porsche.


Paul Walker's last picture just before the accident.

Following the death of the Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker on Saturday, November 30, it has emerged that his body is unidentifiable.

The actor was in the passenger’s seat while his friend/business partner Roger Rodas was the driver of the car that ended their lives.

According to TMZ, their bodies were burnt so badly that it’ll take dental records to identify them – which will delay autopsy.

Walker and his friend were leaving a charity event in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, when they reportedly lost control and rammed into a tree, which after the car exploded.

The actor was 40 years old, and left behind a 15-year-old daughter.


Paul Walker with some co-actors at a Fast and furious premiere

RIP Paul you were loved by many and will always be remembered.


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